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We provide dedicated one-on-one coaching.

One of the biggest problems with introducing builders software into your business is working out what features to use, how to use them and in what order you implement them.

iGyro is different.

When you subscribe to all modules we provide monthly dedicated one-on-one video coaching where we get to know your business, make recommendations on what features to implement and help you integrate them in your business one simple step at a time.

To ensure your team is all on the same page we may recommend a video conference with all staff or individual departments. Whatever is needed to help you succeed.

Start for FREE

Start with the basic iGyro CRM and add modules as required. Sign up for a FREE account today.

iGyro Builders CRM - FREE

The iGyro CRM is the basis of your building management software. Every account starts with this FREE Builders CRM.

iGyro Web Based CRM Software
Lead Management
Auto Calculate Estimated Completion Date
Automated Adverse Weather
Basic Workflow / Task List
Client Communication Register
Site Photos
15 Active Jobs
2GB File Storage
5 User accounts
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(No credit card required).

Add Modules

Additional modules are seamlessly integrated into your iGyro CRM. Enjoy the convenience of native integration, consolidating all functionalities within a single, comprehensive software solution
Unlimited Module - $400/m

Say goodbye to user restrictions and data limitations, and hello to unparalleled scalability and freedom.

Unlimited Users
Unlimited Jobs
Unlimited File Storage1
Estimata Module - $300/m

Unlock greater efficiency and accuracy in your residential construction projects with Estimata, our comprehensive builders software estimating module, empowering you to generate detailed, reliable estimates.

Business Contacts
Pricing Catalogue
Bill of Quantities
Purchase Orders
Accounts Payable Module - $600/m

Featuring automated data entry that reads incoming PDFs, matches them with purchase orders, and incorporates an intuitive approval flow for users to easily sign off on invoices.

Xero Integration
Automated Data Entry
Invoice Approval
Purchase Order Matching
* Requires Estimata Module
Advanced Workflow + Reports Module - $300/m

Track every step of your workflow seamlessly, from the first client contact to the final touches on the house. Drive business decisions with valuable insights into job profitability, task completion and business health.

Advanced Admin Task Lists
Trade Notifications
Site Schedule Module - $300/m

Efficiently manage construction tasks, track progress, and coordinate resources to ensure timely project completion with intuitive Gantt Charts.

Gantt Charts
Site Schdule Templates
Business Contacts
Trade Notifications
Client Portal Module - $300/m

Provide your clients with a secure, centralized platform where they can access project updates and documents in real-time.

Client Login
View Upcoming Milestones

Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Jump on our Contact Form or book an obligation free video consultation.
Is There a Free Trial?

The basic iGyro CRM is FREE. Jump straight in and create an account. Reach out if you would like more details on the upgrade modules.

What size business do I need?

iGyro will work for any size business, but is best suited to businesses running 5+ jobs a year with multiple staff or a business with ambitions to scale above this size. Implement systems early to make for smooth growth.

If you are a business turning over $5M or have over 10 staff/contractors you need to get started now! Efficiencies in communication, workflow and reporting will give you insights to make better business decisions.

Do I get free support?

Yes; We provide support via email/helpdesk but also provide a monthly software coaching session via video conferencing when subscribing to all modules.

Can I pay with credit card?

We use stripe to process your credit card for monthly subscription costs.

Can I upgrade at any time?

When you add Modules mid monthly cycle, you will be billed a pro-rata charge for the remaining time in that cycle.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! We don't lock you into any long term contracts. Simply cancel your subscription. You will still have access to your upgraded modules until the end of your monthly cycle.

How to I cancel subscriptions?

Simply click the Cancel subscription button from within the software. Your access to upgraded modules will continue until the end of your monthly period.