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Builders Buying Group

Are you a residential home builder wondering how they can achieve growth in your business when you can’t compete on price? The larger competitors always beat you on quotes because you can’t buy materials at the same rate. Because you can’t compete on price your growth and profit is stunted.

We have a unique partnership with a longstanding builders buying group and you can save on average at least 2-4% of your job costs.

Now there is a way to access the purchasing savings of a large builder and still retain your smaller builder customer experience and service. By joining the longstanding builders buying group you can save on average at least 2-4% of your job costs in pre-negotiated purchasing contracts with Australia’s most reputable building suppliers including Bunnings, CSR, Reece and Dulux, PLUS you will receive access to the iGyro builders management software and all add-on modules included in the buying group.

This means many builders can get the whole iGyro package for zero net cost to their business.


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How Does it Work?

Because the builders buying group has been in this industry for so long and built such a solid reputation, they have been able to negotiate with suppliers year by year a better rate for builders. Each builder has an individual account with the supplier that falls under the umbrella of pre-negotiated contract buying rates and thereby get the benefits directly into their business. The benefits are of course cheaper building materials. There is no compulsory terms that mean you have to use every supplier or any particular product but naturally the more suppliers you use the greater the savings to your business.

Are all Building Products Available?

The short answer is no. Only major national suppliers that can provide effective delivery coverage to most of builders throughout Australia. Only longstanding and stable suppliers are used that have product warranties that our builders and their clients can rely on.

So What is the Cost?

The costs of the Australian builders buying group can change from time to time, but the cost to join is usually not much more than buying the complete iGyro software package on it's own. The negotiated pricing for iGyro within the buying group is incredibly attractive like all other national suppliers, plus you get the added benefit of saving costs in construction materials.

When participating in the buying group, you will also receive full access to iGyro and all add-on modules and business/software coaching.


Am I Locked Into Anything?

No, nobody is locked into a fixed term with this solution however three years is the ideal period of time required to take your business to its next massive profit phase which allows you enough time to properly understand and implement all the business principles you will learn during your business coaching.

The other reason is that purchasing rates from building suppliers are so low because the buying group is very stable and growing, and builders that have volatile or low commitment purchasing arrangements will never get the discounting support offered by the national suppliers.

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What Happens if I Leave?

Of course it will be sad to see you go but we will provide all your job data in an accessible format and you will lose access to the building materials purchasing rates, the builders job management software and the individual business coaching and training. 

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