iGyro builders job management software guarantee

iGyro Builders Job Management Software guarantees to be

iGyro Australian building management software guarantee

Easy to understand and implement in your business.

100% Australian training and support.

Data stored locally in Australia in world class data centres.

Solely focused on the Australian residential building industry.

Secure to prevent data and privacy breaches.

Responsive to development requests from clients.

Job Management

Track jobs from prospective client through to maintenance by breaking down a construction job into many small tasks.
Keep tabs on job profitability and automatically inform accounts staff when progress claims are due.


Easy to use tools to create and generate informative reports and mail merges. Mail merges make formal letters to clients a breeze, while reports provide invaluable insights into your business functions.

Rapid Estimating

The iProx estimating module generates professional pre-contract estimates in minutes, not hours/days. Any pre-contract estimate can be used to generate Addenda to a building contract with a few simple clicks.


Effortlessly keep your team up-to-date on every job on your books through automatic email notifications and user dashboards. iGyro will notify the correct staff member at the right time as a job progresses from a prospect all the way through to maintenance.

iGyro construction management software
increase productivity for ANY size team

Improve workflow and communication between staff and departments regardless of the size of your team or geographic location.

Add users as your team grows.

Access anywhere. anytime.

iGyro includes a windows desktop application and a cloud based app that work seamlessly together to provide all the info you need from any device you like.


iGyro comes pre-loaded with many reports to help run your business. Reports are easy to create which allows you to create custom reports specific to your needs leveraging the power of excel pivot tables.

Integrity New Homes Franchisees have access to dozens of pre-loaded mail merge documents to help you kick-start your business.


Client Portal

Provide online access to a customer focused portal. Your clients will love the transparency of seeing dates for upcoming milestones, site photos and self-service maintenance requests.

iDule: Site Schedule

The iDule Site Schedule module allows you to effortlessly record dates for key tasks and milestones on your job sites.
Allow management or and office staff to see exactly where a job is up to.
Have access to trade contact details at your fingertips.

Adverse Weather

Automatically keep track of Adverse Weather based on site location. iGyro uses data directly from the Bureu of Meteorology to create mail merges that can be sent to your client as "extensions of time".

Task List

The Task List is the heart of iGyro. Reports, mail merges and Notifications use the task list to provide information to you and your staff.

iGyro effectively breaks a job into discrete tasks to keep fine grain control over the status of each job. Using the task list will allow everyone in your business to know exactly where a job is up to. Notifications can be configured to create robust workflows to streamline your business and ensure work is never overlooked.

Contractor Collaboration

Provide trusted contractors a login to your iGyro system to seamlessly include them as part of your internal workflows as if they were an employee.

For example: You may use an external Architect to design your plans. With iGyro you can automatically notify them a job is ready to be drawn and they instantly have access to all the information / files they need to start work. Saving time for you and the contractor.

Features to streamline your business

Construction software that makes life easy, never lose documents again.

Design Library

Catalog designs for easy searching.

The iGyro Design Library makes it easy to catalog each and every job so that you can easily find designs to match those difficult sites.

Need a 4 bedroom steep site design with a maximum width of 8.5m? No problem. Search your library of existing jobs to find the perfect design.

Integrity New Homes Franchisees have access to thousands of pre-loaded designs with copyright release. Visit the Integrity Franchising website to enquire about becoming a franchisee.


Ensure timely progress payments.

iGyro allows you to setup Progress Payment Templates to match your contracts. Each Progress Payment is automatically calculated from the Contract Price and tightly integrated with the iDule Site Schedule.

As key milestones are completed by your project managers on site, your accounts staff will be notified to raise a claim to your client. This ensures you can receive payment as soon as possible to improve cash flow.

Do more in less time

Having everything perfectly organised improves efficiency.

Quote Requests

Manage Quote Requests

Managing quote requests for a large number of jobs can be difficult to keep on top of.

iGyro allows you to easily manage lists of preferred suppliers based on region.

Suppliers upload quotes directly into iGyro avoiding the need to email which helps you organise the endless flow of quotes.


Track and Report on Maintenance

Keep accurate details of Maintenance issues. Each maintenance issue is recorded against the correct job, allowing you to easily report on the status of maintenance tasks.

Which jobs have open maintenance issues? Has a trade been allocated to attend to the issue? Which maintenance issues are overdue?

Job management

Manage KPIs, improve efficiency


Keep jobs on track.

The iGyro Task List is pre-configured in a typical workflow to record milestones from sales (first meeting) through to maintenance. As you complete a task the next logical task is automatically added to the workflow with a due date.

The highly configurable Notification System leverages the task list to automatically notify relevant staff on their personal dashboard and via email when they need to complete a task. Setup notifications to warn the management team if a particular task becomes overdue.

The task list and Notification System is the perfect way to streamline your business and ensure tasks do not 'slip through the cracks'.


Reporting and mail merge

Monitor your business, report on everything.

Mail Merge

One click generation of standard letters.

The iGyro Mail Merge module allows you to create and modify an unlimited number of 'Merge documents'. These documents are created in MS Word which means creating new documents is as easy as writing a letter.

Keep everyone in sync.

Once a mail merge template is created all staff in your business will have access to the document and can create pre-formatted letters to your clients with a simple click. All address details and job related info is 'merged' into the document saving you time and improving accuracy.


Generate reports to monitor the health of your business.

iGyro uses MS Excel to generate meaningful well formatted reports. This gives you ultimate flexibility to make a report look the way you want it to.

The iGyro construction software suite comes pre-loaded with reports to get you started including 'Contracts by Sales Consultant', 'Slab / Footings Down', 'DA & Estimating Workflow', 'Jobs On Site' and 'Outstanding Maintenance'.

Build your own reports based on any data in your database or ask one of our friendly support staff to customise reports for you.

Large business reporting.

Have a large multisite business? Use iGyro to effectively segment your workforce into distinct branches. Allow your management team to report on data from 'Branch A' and 'Branch B'. Contact us to find out more.

App Pricing

The iGyro construction software suite is available in the following ways.

  • iGyro Profit Optimiser
  • The iGyro Profit Optimiser includes the iGyro construction software suite along with Supplier Agreements and Business Coaching.

    Subscribe to the iGyro Profit Optimiser to empower your current building business to scale effectively and efficiently with our expert advice.

  • $3,300 /month $0 NET Cost with savings from Supplier Agreements
  • iGyro desktop software
  • iGyro web based software
  • Client Portal
  • Accounts Payable paperless invoice module with Xero integration
  • iProx: Rapid Estimating
  • iDule: Site Schedule
  • Unlimited file storage*
  • Unlimited user accounts*
  • Thousands of pre-loaded building designs*
  • Standard customisable mail merge documents
  • Subscribe Now
  • With a Building Franchise
  • Every Integrity New Homes Franchise receives the entire iGyro construction software suite FREE with their exclusive franchise territory.

    Visit the Integrity Franchising site for more information on the Integrity New Homes franchise network.

  • $0 /month included with Building Franchise
  • iGyro desktop software
  • iGyro web based software
  • Client Portal
  • Accounts Payable paperless invoice module with Xero integration
  • iProx: Rapid Estimating
  • iDule: Site Schedule
  • Unlimited file storage*
  • Unlimited user accounts*
  • Thousands of pre-loaded building designs*
  • Standard customisable mail merge documents
  • Contact Us

*a fair use policy applies to the unlimited user accounts and file storage offers. Building design library not available in some locations.

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