Business Systems & Coaching for Australian Builders.

Australian residential home builders, at last there is a way to access business coaching and job management software without any net cost impact to the business other than improved productivity, efficiency and clarity of direction. The solution is iGyro.

iGyro is a software platform built in Australia for builders, by builders that helps you manage every aspect of your residential building jobs from sales contact to pricing, to contracts, to job delivery, to managing invoices, to maintenance and reporting. In fact, everything you need to effectively scale your business in a job management system.

What’s Included?

The iGyro solution offers three main parts: business coaching; job management software; and a participation in a buying group.

Coaching is a tried and proven way to stay ahead of your competition and commit to a process of continual personal and business improvement under the training and direction of a building industry specialist Glenn Leet. Glenn has a proven track record as a multimillion dollar builder and franchisor and can guide you in all aspects of your business journey. Glenn delivers the coaching via a video call each fortnight.

Our job management software solution is called iGyro and as the name suggests will guide you to a path of business improvement and success by delivering easy to understand user inputs, helpful reporting and business insights, and connection between your sales, administration, and job delivery teams. This software also has the unique capacity to allow you to rapidly and accurately price jobs in less than 20 minutes and additionally has features to make your bookkeeping a paperless and hassle-free process for invoice capture, approval and storage.

Finally, by joining our longstanding builders buying group you will save on average at least 2% of your job costs in prenegotiated purchasing contracts with Australias most reputable building companies including Bunnings, CSR and Dulux which means builders with job costs of more than $1.8M per annum will be getting the whole package for zero net cost to the business.

So What is the Cost?

Well as we’ve said, most of our clients are saving money with this program but the monthly fee to subscribe to this solution is $3070 plus GST per month for the first 12 months and then increasing by CPI each year.

We enjoy a retention rate of greater than 95% of our clients which means its highly likely this solution is an excellent fit for your business if you are in the Australian building industry.

What happens if I leave?

Things change ... no problem. We give you access to all your data in a format recognized by other software programs. Obviously you lose access to all our business coaching resources including building designs, estimating support, accountancy advice and the builders buying group but any intellectual property that is yours continues to be yours.

Of course you would also lose access to our purchasing rates from building suppliers. Very few clients leave because our buying group is very stable and growing, and builders that have volatile or low commitment purchasing arrangements  will never get the discounting support offered by our suppliers.

So to get involved grab a call here with Glenn after you’ve completed the application form.

iGyro Profit Optimiser Includes

Building Management Software

Manage every aspect of your residential building jobs. Everything you need to effectively scale your business

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Supplier Agreements

Our longstanding builders buying group will save on average at least 2-4% of your job costs in pre-negotiated purchasing contracts.

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Business Coaching

Our expert business coaches guide you in all aspects of your business journey.

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