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Reporting and mail merge

One click generation of standard letters

The iGyro Mail Merge module allows you to create and modify an unlimited number of 'Merge documents'. These documents are created in MS Word which means creating new documents is as easy as writing a letter.

Keep everyone in sync.

Once a mail merge template is created all staff in your business will have access to the document and can create pre-formatted letters to your clients with a simple click. All address details and job-related info is 'merged' into the document saving you time and improving accuracy.

builders software mail merge

Generate reports to monitor the health of your business

The iGyro construction software suite comes pre-loaded with reports to get you started including 'Sales Projected Revenue', 'Sales Leads', 'Designer Workflow', 'Contracts by Sales Consultant', 'Slab / Footings Down', 'DA & Estimating Workflow', 'Jobs On Site' and 'Outstanding Maintenance'.

Build your own reports based on any data in your database or ask your software coach to help customise reports for you.

Large business reporting.

Have a large multisite business? Use iGyro to effectively segment your workforce into distinct branches. Allow your management team to report on data from 'Branch A' and 'Branch B'. Contact us to find out more.