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Job Management

Keep jobs on track. Manage KPIs, improve efficiency

The iGyro Task List is pre-configured in a typical workflow to record milestones from sales (first meeting) through to maintenance. As you complete a task the next logical task is automatically added to the workflow with a due date.

The highly configurable Notification System leverages the task list to automatically notify relevant staff on their personal dashboard and via email when they need to complete a task. Setup notifications to warn the management team if a particular task becomes overdue.

The task list and Notification System is the perfect way to streamline your business and ensure tasks do not 'slip through the cracks'.

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Do more in less time

Manage Quote Requests

Managing quote requests for a large number of jobs can be difficult to keep on top of.

iGyro allows you to easily manage lists of preferred suppliers based on region.

Suppliers upload quotes directly into iGyro avoiding the need to email which helps you organise the endless flow of quotes.

Track and Report on Maintenance.

Keep accurate details of Maintenance issues. Each maintenance issue is recorded against the correct job, allowing you to easily report on the status of maintenance tasks.

Which jobs have open maintenance issues? Has a trade been allocated to attend to the issue? Which maintenance issues are overdue?

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