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I've Spent Twenty Seven Years Codifying Residential Building

If you want to develop a system for your residential building business in Australia right now don't. I mean it. Stop right now and have a good look at what others have done first before you try and reinvent what I have invested nearly thirty years of my life in already doing. 

It's going to take time, its going to take a very large amount of money (I'm talking in the millions) and its going to be slow. I'm not suggesting you don't need it. What I'm saying is that there is an easier way to get a system in place a lot faster, certainly a lot cheaper and without distracting you from what you should be doing in your business.

iGyro Job Management software for builders has a building system written into it which allows you to track step by step the key tasks that everyone in your team should be doing, every step of the way in delivering a residential building contract in the Australian market in 2019.

The software allows access for every member of your team to cloud based data storage and provides unlimited file storage capacity so that site photos and large documents can be uploaded, shared and stored easily and safely.