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Carpenter to Builder How its Done Well

James had a dream of one day running his own building business. His carpentry contracting business was doing well and he enjoyed the work but how do you jump from a carpenter to a builder without the necessary training or business mentoring? The trade skills were no worries but the business skills ... that's a whole different story.

That's when James contacted Glenn from Inspired Trades Business Coaching. James said, 'I contacted Glenn Leet because I wanted to do the transition well and I wanted to work with someone that had already done the same journey and knew all the pitfalls. Glenn is helping me get the business legal structures right, he's helping setup all the marketing, and he's also taken over my accounting and taxation advice to ensure we are setup for success'. 

Inspired Trades Business Coaching works with builders and carpenters like James and shows them how business improvement for tradies is a teachable skill and that by simply getting 1% better each week and using proven and systemised strategies they can take their building business wherever they choose. iGyro job management software for Australian builders is one of the systems the training is focused in implementing.

James said,'Getting a building industry specialist business coach like Glenn has been amazing for my business. We have regular video calls one on one and I can call him for help any time I need it. My cashflow has never looked better since I started working with Glenn'.

James' journey in the building industry is typical in many ways to thousands of others but the difference for James is that he'll fast track the whole process and avoid spending thousands of dollars on the time wasting and fruitless undertakings that many do.