When you think of your building business the obvious question that comes to mind is how can I do more with less? In other words, how can I do more cray fishing and more off road racing and less chasing clients and still grow my sales and profits?

Dean and Felicity had the same question when they started the journey of business improvement six years ago and decided the fastest and easiest way to do it was with iGyro Profit Optimiser. Felicity said, 'We love building but really we didn't want a business that would take over our lives and take us away from the things we love to do. Glenn has helped us learn that you can have a growing business and still find time for cray fishing and off road racing.'

The Carters are very typical of many family owned building businesses in Australia. Dean is out on the site delivering the building jobs and Felicity focuses on the administration and sales functions. Dean said, 'We're not to fussed about being the biggest builder in town, we just want to deliver a great outcome to our clients and let the work speak for itself'.

So Why iGyro?

Felicity said,' It's just easy ... if you need help with anything you ask and you get help. If you want to keep to yourself and do things more gradually you can. No one is pressuring you to perform, or get more sales, or advertise, or open display homes. Of course all those steps will grow your business but the timing has been our choosing. We have found the perfect combination of skills training, and business resources without the complications you sometimes hear about.'