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Australian residential home builders, at last there is a way to access business coaching and job management software without any net cost impact to the business other than improved productivity, efficiency and clarity of direction. The solution is iGyro.

iGyro is a software platform built in Australia for builders, by builders that helps you manage every aspect of your residential building jobs from sales contact to pricing, to contracts, to job delivery, to managing invoices, to maintenance and reporting. In fact, everything you need to effectively scale your business in a job management system.

What’s Included?

The iGyro solution offers three main parts: business coaching; job management software; and a participation in a buying group.

Coaching is a tried and proven way to stay ahead of your competition and commit to a process of continual personal and business improvement under the training and direction of a building industry specialist. Glenn has a proven track record as a multimillion dollar builder and franchisor and can guide you in all aspects of your business journey. Glenn delivers the coaching via a video call each fortnight.

Our job management software solution is called iGyro and as the name suggests will guide you to a path of business improvement and success by delivering easy to understand user inputs, helpful reporting and business insights, and connection between your sales, administration, and job delivery teams. This software also has the unique capacity to allow you to rapidly and accurately price jobs in less than 20 minutes and additionally has features to make your bookkeeping a paperless and hassle-free process for invoice capture, approval and storage.

Finally, by joining our longstanding builders buying group you will save on average between 2-4% of your job costs in prenegotiated purchasing contracts with Australias most reputable building companies including Bunnings, CSR, Reece and Dulux which means builders with job costs of more than $1.8M per annum will be getting the whole package for zero net cost to the business.

So what is the Cost?

Well as we’ve said, most of our clients are saving money with this program but the monthly fee to subscribe to this solution is $3070 plus GST per month for the first 12 months and then increasing by CPI each year.

Obviously you need to try before you commit so all our new clients are offered a 90 day trial which you can cancel at anytime during the 90 days without penalty.

So to get involved grab a call here with Glenn after you’ve completed the application form.


Nathan Makila

“We are working closely with Glenn to development our business further. Glenn’s knowledge in the building industry, together with his advice and direction has been invaluable to our business. For anyone wanting to be inspired and take their business to the next level and beyond, you can’t go past Inspired Trades Business Coaching!”

Nathan Preece

“Nathan Preece Preece Construction from Western Australia have recently taking on Glen and his professional services from Inspired trade business coaching and what a difference he is making.Keeps you accountable, exceptional business knowledge, very motivating. We look forward to the future and what it may bring and would highly recommend his services.” 
Ben: Increased sales conversion rates to 100%
Justin: Stopped dealing with time wasters and got 100% financial clarity.
Ralph: Lifted his profit margins by 50% within 3 months (and his mindset unquantifiably).
Nathan: Achieved his unspoken goal to have a new home building business.

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What type of business are you in? (e.g. Residential New Homes,Reno’s, Commercial, Maintenance, Tiling, Paving, Plumbing, Electrical etc).
What are the three primary product(s) or service(s) you sell?
In your business what do you feel you do well?
In your business which areas do you feel you could improve?
Do you have a database of current and past customers? Yes or No
Of all the clients that purchase from you what is the average $ sale?
My profit margin is: (% you make after ALL expenses are deducted)
Do you prepare or review a monthly profit and loss statement?
Do you have a current business plan, updated in the last 6 months.
Please describe the purpose of your business in 25 words or less.
Please give a brief overview of what your goals were when you started, or took over the business?
What are the main frustrations you want solved within your business?
How many hours each week do you work now? ...........How many would you like to work?..............
Describe your 3 major sources of stress, frustration or unhappiness that interfere with your productivity and rob you of your peace of mind.
How many marketing strategies or systems do you have in place that consistently generate new business for you?
If you had one wish that we could work together on in your business in the next 30 days, what would it be?
How many marketing strategies or systems do you have in place that consistently stimulate repeat business locking in continued renewable income and or stimulating referrals?
Why do you think that you are a good candidate for this program?

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Job Management

Track jobs from prospective client through to maintenance by breaking down a construction job into many small tasks.
Keep tabs on job profitability and automatically inform accounts staff when progress claims are due.


Easy to use tools to create and generate informative reports and mail merges. Mail merges make formal letters to clients a breeze, while reports provide invaluable insights into your business functions.

Rapid Estimating

The iProx estimating module generates professional pre-contract estimates in minutes, not hours/days. Any pre-contract estimate can be used to generate Addenda to a building contract with a few simple clicks.


Effortlessly keep your team up-to-date on every job on your books through automatic email notifications and user dashboards. iGyro will notify the correct staff member at the right time as a job progresses from a prospect all the way through to maintenance.